Janitorial cleaning is janitorial cleaning, right? How much of a difference could there be between companies? Well, you’d be surprised. There are many recent innovations within the janitorial services industry that not only improve efficiency, but actually clean better, leaving you with a safer work environment.

Backpack HEPA filter vacuums

While the trusty upright vacuums you use in your home may be adequate for small, low-traffic areas, they are woefully inadequate for larger, high-traffic areas like your office space. And yet, perplexingly, many companies continue to stick with the outdated, inefficient upright vacuums. Here are some advantages that backpack vacuums with HEPA filters have over traditional upright vacuums:

  • Backpack vacuums reduce body stress on the worker using them, reducing the repetitive motions associated with upright vacuums that can cause adverse long term medical problems (No ‘hunching over!’).
  • Due to a great reduction in the effort necessary to push the vacuum (you’re pushing only the nozzle around instead of the entire vacuum), studies have shown that workers can vacuum twice the surface area that they would with an upright vacuum in the same period of time – which translates to lower rates for you!
  • Vacuums with HEPA filters (like the ones Noble Janitorial utilizes) capture 99.7% of airborne particles, as small as .3 microns (Approximately 98-99% of all airborne particles are 5 microns in size or less.). What does this mean for your office? It means irritants such as mold spores, pollen, dust, and dust mite feces will be trapped in the filter and removed from your office.

Microfiber towels

Another recent technological innovation that Noble Janitorial utilizes is that of microfiber towels. Only introduced to American markets in the year 2007, microfiber towels have revolutionized the cleaning industry. Made from a polyester/polymide fabric that is 100 times finer than human hair, these towels contain a whopping 90,000 microfibers per square inch.
What does this mean for your office? It means we’ll clean you office more efficiently (i.e. less labor dollars required, resulting in lower prices for you), and we’ll pick up more dirt and contaminants as we do it, keeping you healthier and safer. Furthermore, you’ll be helping us go green – unlike paper towels, when microfiber towels get dirty, they simply take a spin in the washing machine with some nice hot water to kill germs, and then they’re back in business!

These are just some of the ways that Noble Janitorial uses the latest technological innovations to save you money, provide consistently high quality, and keep you safe. See our Quality Assurance Systems page for more information.